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Update by user Jan 29, 2013

1/29/13 no progress getting debris removed......anyone need old pavers?

Original review posted by user Dec 29, 2012

Spring Garden Design a landscape contractor from Nutley NJ was hired to remove and install new lanscaping to include front steps, paver walkway, and stone walls.They completed all work as expected, except for the removal of 15 yards of debris.

They were paid in full which was to iinclude the removal of all old pavers and concrete. However, after repeated calls the debris is still blocking our driveway.

I will have to hire another contractor just to remove the debris at a cost of $1600.I should have known better, since even the owners employees told me he lies to everyone.

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I hired Spring Garden Designs to build two new patios, a sideway and wall.Same as the other guy that posted, Tony was quick to have the materials picked up where he is entitled to refund or wants to use for another job.

I have paid three different people to haul away his trash which was part of the agreement. I paid Tony $18000, and he promised he would be right back to haul away, I made it clear that I mom would be traveling to my home for my daughter's college graduation and everything had to be done by this time.

The promise after promise was made, and here it is months after graduation and I have not heard a word from Tony since he received the money.I would stay way from this contractor.

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Strange to hear because they did a very big project for us that came out beautiful, Tony's ideas were great and job was done professional, we would recommend

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